Marketing Math is the science behind all good marketing.

  • What is marketing’s quota of leads in order for sales to make their quotas?
  • Are sales goals and marketing activity fully aligned?
  • How much should you budget every month for lead generation activity?
  • Are you practicing Least-Cost Advertising?
  • Having trouble justifying to management the marketing funds you need?

Marketing Math answers all of the above and more.

Use Marketing Math and never again wonder if marketing is contributing to your company’s sales and profit goals.

Use Marketing Math to compute how much you need to do and when you need to do it.  Marketing Math works this way: Start with the number of orders needed every month for the next 12 months. Yes, you will have to talk to sales and get their monthly quotas.

Next, figure out how many leads it takes to convert into an order. And how much time between lead turn over and close. Again, sales can help you come up with these numbers. Then calculate how many leads your marketing activity needs to generate per inbound channel starting with least cost channels first. Total your leads and stop adding marketing channels when you reach your lead quota. That’s it. Might sound complex but it’s very simple. And the rewards are huge.

Spend only what is needed to generate your lead quota. No more, no less.