I should have discovered flattop griddling years ago. Much easier than gas or charcoal grilling and the results are way better.

Think of a griddle as a giant skillet with multiple heat zones. Backyard cooks and professional chefs around the world love their griddles because they can manage several foods simultaneously: steaks/burgers in one heat zone, hash browns and onions in another, eggs in another. Griddles also offer excellent temperature control, and boy, can they create the perfectly cooked rib-eye.

Also, have tried several different griddle cooking oils. Olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil. Grapeseed oil is my favorite because of it’s high heat performance and doesn’t pass a lot of its flavor onto the food being cooked. Butter is good for medium-heat cooking.

Griddles are available everywhere and after researching brands I purchased a 36″ Blackstone griddle from Amazon.

Note: I changed my griddle’s gas orifice from propane to natural gas (drilled a bigger hole) to take advantage of a natural gas supply line already installed in my backyard. No more propane bottles!