1 Transform Your Website into Your Best Sales Agent –or Risk Losing Business

Website design - Marvin MauerYour website is a big deal. Get it right. On a desktop, tablet and smartphone. Over 80% of your prospective customers will check out your website before deciding to do business with you. Are you turning off or turning on your customers? Your website needs to be not only beautiful and engaging, but also a dynamic sales agent.

2 Get Found First!

SEO - Marvin MauerMake sure your customers find YOU before they find your competitors. Your best customers start shopping on the Internet. In order to remain competitive, you need to be found online by those searching for your products and services. Are you find-able? Are you ahead of your competitors?

3 Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Traffic - Marvin MauerSwamp your website with serious prospects. If you focus on a single marketing channel at a time you will likely be left behind because consumer-shopping behavior has changed. Use my Multi-Channel Marketing methods to reach more target customers at a lower cost.

4 Use Clear Target Marketing

Clear Target MarketingReach and motivate customers with the highest propensity to purchase. Use segmented marketing and highly targeted content in all of your marketing channels including your website, your email marketing, your Google AdWords, your Facebook posts, even your in-page SEO.

5 Maximize Conversions

CRM / SFA - Marvin MauerVisitors to Purchasers. Faster, More Often. How good is your business at conversion? Whether online or using phone reps, use my Marketing and Sales Playbooks qualify leads quicker, convert opportunities to purchasers at a higher rate and maximize the effectiveness of customer acquisition dollars.

6 Get Faster, Better Results With Proven Talent

Outsourced marketing - Marvin MauerQuickly growing your business online is assured using my road-tested expertise to take away the guesswork and produce an immediate return on your investment.