The battle was brewing

The furry bandits were at it again, their bushy tails flicking with delight as they raided the newly installed bird feeder. Every day for a week, a fresh supply of premium birdseed and sunflower seeds was laid out for the feathered friends, only to be devoured by the relentless squirrels. They clung to the feeder, their tiny claws digging into the plastic, their cheeks puffed out as they scarfed the tasty treats. The squirrels even posted a sentry on top of the feeder to keep birds away.

The birds, meanwhile, chirped in frustration from the branches above. They watched helplessly as their breakfast disappeared into the squirrels’ greedy mouths.

The scene played out daily, a battle for sustenance in the backyard. The bird feeder became a war zone, a symbol of the ongoing conflict between the squirrels and me –as the birds’ proxy. Who would win?

No Squirrels

I lost a few battles, but won the war

Anti-Squirrel Device #1

Greased pole. Fail!

Anti-Squirrel Device #2

Slinky. Fail!

Anti-Squirrel Device #3

Metal baffle. Victory!

Update from the frontline

The tube-style feeder was upgraded to a larger, fancier birdfeeder and the squirrels immediately renewed their attacks. But the metal baffle thwarted their efforts and the birds are safe and thriving.

Squirrels no more