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Blackstone Griddle

I should have discovered flattop griddling years ago. Much easier than gas or charcoal grilling and the results are way better. Think of [...]

Favorite Trump Cartoons

Some of my favorite editorial cartoons. Adding more all the time. Doesn’t seem to be a shortage.

Backyard Renovation

Renovating a lot the backyard of this 1968 home which hasn't been maintained for quite a while. Essential fixes and modest improvements with [...]

Bingeworthy TV Shows

TV shows rated by Maryann and Marvin as bingeworthy. Didn't list the 132 shows we have watched that were dogs (1 or 2 [...]

Espresso Field Guide

Maybe you’re tired of brewing your cups of joe in an old coffee pot. Maybe you’re ready to try something a little tastier. [...]

Personal Stats For The Last 12 Months

Espresso shots consumed
Lbs Gained and Lost
Lottery winnings
Hours spent contemplating the meaning of life
Million dollar ideas
Items completed on Honey-Do list