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Marvin Mauer - Marketing & Ecommerce Expert

Marketing That Sells

I’m Marvin Mauer, a results-driven, tech-savvy, forward-thinking senior manager with more than 25 years of measurable marketing and sales leadership success. I can help you turnaround a struggling business, energize stagnant marketing, gain a competitive advantage, and grow sales.

I am available for short-term and long-term consultancy services, managing new projects, and managing teams. I am also available for full time employment.


How I Can Help You

A single source of end-to-end expertise and affordable –perfect for small businesses and startups.

SEO - Marvin Mauer

Search Marketing

Get Found! SEO, Local Search, AdWords, Remarketing. Use my well-developed SERP domination skills to quickly “get on page 1” and dominate search results pages. Make sure your customers find YOU before they find your competitors. To remain competitive, you need to be found online by those searching for your products and services. Are you find-able? Are you ahead of your competitors?

Clear Target Marketing - Marvin Mauer

Creative, Targeted Marketing

Excite and draw in customers with the highest propensity to purchase. My creative and targeted campaigns attract the right customers and increase your sales and profit. On your website, in your search engine listings, in your AdWords campaigns, in your emails, in your social channels. Tell a good story!

Custom Websites - Marvin Mauer

Websites That Sell

Transform Your Website into Your Best Sales Agent –or Risk Losing Business. I can help you get it right! On a desktop, tablet, and smartphone. I have architected, designed and hand-built 100+ custom-brand, responsive websites using WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and others.  I will make your website not only beautiful and engaging, but also a dynamic sales agent.

Conversion & Lead Generation - Marvin Mauer

Lead Generation & Conversion

Anonymous to Identified. Faster, More Often. Use my proven Marketing Playbooks to attract and convert opportunities at a higher rate and maximize the effectiveness of customer acquisition dollars. Use my Multi-Channel Marketing methods to reach more target customers at a lower cost. Keep your sales pipeline full of serious prospects.

Ecommerce - Marvin Mauer

Multi-Channel Ecommerce

Amazon, Affiliate networks, WooCommerce. Advanced architecture and production skills including digital product asset management, order processing, supply chain & fulfillment systems, cloud-based and mobile platform commerce. The result is increased conversion and purchasing rates, keeping shoppers from shopping elsewhere, and attracting more repeat visitors.

Sales & Service - Marvin Mauer

Inside Sales & Service

Leads to Purchasers. Faster, more often. Converting leads and opportunities into purchasers is critical to your bottom line. Whether online or using phone reps, my Inside Sales Playbooks qualify leads quicker, convert opportunities to purchasers at a higher rate and maximize the effectiveness of sales reps.

Email Marketing - Marvin Mauer

Email Marketing

Increase sales and customer loyalty. I have handcrafted hundreds of campaigns using hosted email marketing services and custom landing pages to increase site traffic and orders. Advanced list management and MailChimp skills.

Social Media for Business - Marvin Mauer

Social For Business

Build and monetize your brand. Use my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube know-how to increase awareness, instigate sharing, and convert to sales.

CMO - Marvin Mauer

Marketing & Sales Leadership

Get Faster, Better Results With Proven Talent. Getting control of your marketing and sales is assured using my road-tested expertise to take away the guesswork and produce an immediate return on your investment.

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