My review of the Merlin Bird ID iPhone App

Our backyard’s turned into a bird buffet! We put up a feeder, and suddenly it’s a non-stop parade of feathered visitors. We hear all these crazy chirps and see birds we’ve never seen before. We were like, “Who are these guys??” Then we found Merlin Bird ID – a free app that’s basically a bird detective kit for your phone!

This app, by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (think bird experts!), is ridiculously easy to use. Forget complicated bird guides – Merlin works with photos or recordings! Snap a quick pic and Merlin will spit out a list of likely suspects, complete with gorgeous pictures and cool facts about their songs and habits. Heard a strange tweeting but can’t get a glimpse? Hit record, and Merlin will listen like a birding champion, identifying the mystery singer in seconds.

Overall, Merlin Bird ID is a fantastic app for anyone who wants to explore the world of birds. It’s easy to use, tons of fun, and can turn anyone into a backyard birding whiz. So next time you’re outdoors and hear a mystery chirp, don’t stay clueless! Whip out your Merlin.

Merlin Bird ID
Merlin Bird ID iPhone App

An Eastern Bluebird was the first bird Merlin ID’d in our backyard.